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Clinician, Author, Advocate, & the Olympic Trials (Cali Werner)

Run Into Life Podcast

Run Into Life Podcast

June 15, 2021

In Episode #16 of the Run Into Life Podcast, Cali Werner lends her insightful perspective as a clinician, author, advocate, and competitive athlete. In a captivating conversation, she aims to debunk myths surrounding OCD and athletics, drawing from her dual experiences as an athlete and clinician. The podcast episode also delves into Cali's inspiring journey in competitive running, her experience racing at the Olympic Trials, and the recent launch of her compelling new book.

Cali Werner, a respected clinician specializing in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), is renowned for her research on competitive athletes experiencing debilitating anxiety that hampers their performance. Having battled OCD since the young age of four, Cali's personal journey with the disorder and her path to appropriate, evidence-based care offer a profound understanding of the challenges many face.

Her athletic successes, which include nine conference championships and an honorable mention All-American in the 10k as a Division I distance runner at Rice University, were often overshadowed by worsening OCD symptoms. However, through appropriate care, she reignited her passion for her sport, transforming her dread back into love.

Cali's remarkable story continues as she recently competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in 2020, maintaining her passion for running while advocating for individuals grappling with mental illness. Her advocacy extends to her research, therapy, personal testimony, and her current role as a mental health clinician at the McLean OCD Institute in Houston.

As she pursues her Ph.D. at Baylor University, Cali continues to inspire, reassure, and empower others facing mental illness, showing them they're not alone and that joy can be re-obtained with proper treatment.

Discover more about Cali and her journey through her Instagram: @caliroperwerner and her book: Anxious Annie. Listen to the podcast to explore more into Cali's inspiring story and her expert insights into OCD and athletic performance.

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