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Cali Werner

The Examined Athlete

The Examined Athlete

October 19, 2021

In a compelling episode of The Examined Athlete, host Clay converses with Cali Werner, an accomplished family and behavioral therapist, author, and elite-level marathoner. With a life marked by both athletic excellence and the personal struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, Cali now commits her professional career to aiding others grappling with similar issues.

Cali and Clay delve into a wide array of topics, discussing the dynamics of self-confidence, the challenges and triumphs of marathons, and the journey of achieving success while living with anxiety and OCD. Further exploring other anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the significant role fear often plays, they offer valuable insights and advice for affected individuals and their families.

In this episode, Cali courageously shares her personal journey with OCD, providing listeners with an authentic and intimate understanding of the disorder.

For further insights into Cali's journey and expertise, listeners are encouraged to read her children's book "Anxious Annie" and follow her on Instagram @caliroperwerner. This episode serves as an engaging, empathetic, and enlightening resource for anyone seeking to understand the intricate realities of living with anxiety and OCD.

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