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Interview with Cali Werner, LCSW

Student of Running

Student of Running

January 13, 2022

In an insightful episode of the Student of Running Podcast, host Chandler welcomes Cali Werner, an elite-level marathoner, family and behavioral therapist, and author. With an in-depth knowledge of the intersection between athletics, mental health, and performance, Cali offers a wealth of insights for runners and coaches alike.

Drawing from her unique experiences as a Division I collegiate distance runner, therapist, and an individual who has personally grappled with obsessive-compulsive disorder, Cali provides a profound understanding of the challenges many athletes face. Throughout the discussion, Cali shares her expertise on coping strategies, resilience, and the ways in which mental health conditions can affect athletic performance.

Listeners can expect a deep dive into various topics including managing OCD and anxiety as an athlete, the effects of negative thinking patterns, fear of failure, burnout, and much more. Cali's candid sharing of her personal journey with OCD and her professional insights make this episode an invaluable resource for those striving to understand and improve their mental game in athletics.

For more about Cali's journey and work, listeners are encouraged to explore her book "Anxious Annie" and follow her on Instagram @caliroperwerner. Tune in for an engaging conversation that illuminates the often under discussed intersection of athletics and mental health.

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