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Helping Kids with Sports Anxiety & OCD

Anxious Toddlers Parenting Survival Podcast

Anxious Toddlers Parenting Survival Podcast

September 7, 2021

In an insightful episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, Cali Werner, a dedicated Anxiety and OCD Clinician, athlete, and author of "Anxious Annie," unravels the intricate relationship between anxiety, OCD, and sports. With her unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise, Cali navigates the complicated ways in which these disorders can affect young athletes and offers strategies for managing sports-related anxiety and OCD.

Cali's discussion illuminates the challenges that children often face when their passion for sports becomes entwined with their struggle with anxiety and OCD. She illustrates how these conditions can trigger intense feelings of anxiety, illness, and panic before a game, meet, or competition, often creating a disruptive presence in their sporting life.

Drawing on her own journey as an athlete who experienced OCD and her work as a clinician, Cali provides actionable advice and strategies for young athletes, their parents, and coaches to better handle sports-related anxiety and OCD.

This episode offers a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand and manage the complex interplay between sports and mental health conditions like anxiety and OCD. By delving into Cali's expert advice, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of these challenges and learn how to effectively navigate them. Tune in for an engaging and enlightening discussion.

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