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LCSW; Ph.D. Student

“Overly anxious thoughts hold us back from our full potential. Learning to hold these thoughts lightly heals the heart heavily.”                                          

- Cali W.

Athlete Rising provides freedom, resilience, and positive coping strategies to help individuals and athletes experience life to the fullest potential.

Specialty areas of focus include reducing symptoms of OCD, anxiety, negative thinking patterns, fear of failure, and burnout

My clinical interests and areas of expertise include OCD, athletes’ repetitive and ritualistic performance-inhibiting behaviors, confidence, and anxiety surrounding performance in sports.


I received my bachelor’s degree from Rice University where I competed as a Division I collegiate distance runner winning nine conference titles, and an Honorable Mention All-American in the 10k. My most recent athletic success was competing in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials in the marathon.

While at Rice, I was obtaining my degree in Sport Management when I was diagnosed with OCD, although I had struggled with it from the young age of four. Treatment changed my life in many ways. My love for my sport reignited as OCD tendencies dissipated. All this to say, my personal experience pushed my career transition into mental health.


I received my master’s degree in social work with a specialization in OCD from Baylor University, and am currently working on my Ph.D. in clinical social work at Baylor while continuing to see patients virtually.


My current research on OCD and perfectionism in athletics coincides with my love for running. I am dedicated to raising awareness and speaking on behalf of those with mental illness by educating and providing resources and hope.

Life is too short to let stress and routine take the passion out of something you were once passionate about. Don't let it steal your spark. Evidence-based treatment works. 


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